Serving God

Serving God

Faithful Conduct: Serve God Selflessly

Children will practice 24 foundational life skills.

Faithful Conduct

“How can my child serve God and follow His plan for life?”

The Lord not only knows your son or daughter best, He also knows what’s best for you both. God is very glad to provide the direction you need, but He doesn’t work alone. He needs your willingness and full cooperation. God wants to lead—you and your child must be willing to follow.

Some people become so accustomed to having their own needs met that they rarely think about serving others. Jesus demonstrated exactly the opposite. He came to serve, not to be served. That’s not always easy, but it’s God’s way.

You and your young protégé can freely serve others because Jesus has promised to meet your every need. In addition, the Holy Spirit strengthens you and distributes spiritual gifts so you can show selfless concern for others.

Follow Jesus’ example—give your time, talents, and treasures to meet the needs of those around you. The following lists vital “Life-Skills” so your son or daughter can serve God selflessly.

•How to Worship
•How to Pray
•How to Love God
•How to Follow God’s Plan

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