Knowing God

Knowing God

Bible Knowledge: Know God Intimately

Kids will learn 24 essential Bible topics.

Bible Knowledge

“Is it really that important to know what the Bible says?”

If the Bible truly came from God (and we believe it certainly did), then the answer is “Yes!” His answers to your questions and problems are 100% reliable. The Lord’s insights and ideas are more valuable than all other sources combined!

The Bible stands alone, the only Book from God—His inspired, relevant, and life-changing message. God has preserved His Word through the centuries so that it might continue to speak to us today and transform us tomorrow.

Some people treat the Bible like any other book, missing out on its guidance and power. Encourage your child to follow your lead to read, meditate on, and apply God’s Word each day. As you embrace the Scriptures, you will fall in love with the Author as well!

Cultivate a deep appreciation for the richness and power of holy Scripture so the Bible will become a trusted companion. The following lists the indispensable Bible topics found in Peak 1: God’s Greatness that will help your son or daughter know God intimately.

•Supreme Lord: Knowing the True God

•Faith Journey: Finding and Following Jesus

•Family Plan: Loving Those Who Mean the Most

•Creation Science: Identifying Intelligent Design

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