In a recent study, researchers asked Christian parents to define their greatest fear. The number one response?

“I’m afraid that I will not be able to transfer my faith to my kids.”

Christian dads and moms hear all the time about the importance of discipling their children …

I care about children—and have devoted my life and ministry to helping kids and families. Christian parents want to build spiritual values into their children. But in today’s crazy busy world, they can’t find the time and they don’t know where to begin.



Like you, I am grieved that so many teens are walking away from their faith. More than 70% leave the church within two years of high school graduation. I’ve heard the stories and felt the pain of dads and moms who wish they could raise their kids over again—differently. I’ve listened to overwhelmed parents who are afraid they will not transfer the faith to the children they cherish.

We hear all the time that parents should be the primary disciple-makers of their children. Let’s be honest. Most parents are not building spiritual values into their children because they don’t feel adequate for the task. I am convinced, however, that nearly all parents have the ability to disciple their kids. God would never call parents to accomplish something that they are incapable of doing!

If the right tools are available, parents can disciple their children. They need easy-to-use resources that will help them train their kids to know, love, and serve God. Both parents and children grow in the faith together. That’s why we created  Pro2gé SUMMIT. It is an intuitive, all-in-one tool for parents to mentor their children. The Pro2gé SUMMIT discipleship series helps parents help kids reach their peak potential as believers!

I need your help. I am asking you to raise awareness. Post to your Blog, Facebook, and Twitter about God’s call to family discipleship. For every Peak Guidebook purchased through Pro2ge.com, we’ll donate one to another family in need. Our goal is to give away 2,500 Guidebooks.

Thank you for partnering with God’s people around the world!

Mark Steiner, Th.M.
President, DiscipleLand.com & Pro2ge.com

You can disciple children

Pro2gé SUMMIT God’s Greatness is a complete, guided, 1-year mentoring adventure that equips disciples for life. Every lesson in the Guidebook stirs the imagination and will help kids know, love and serve God. Lead your children ages 6-12 through a deliberate progression of foundational truths, character traits, and practical skills. Great for parents, grandparents, caregivers, homeschoolers, Sunday school/weekend programs, children’s church, kids’ club, and midweek programs. Free online resources reinforce the program: Bible memory plan, 100+ projects, hands-on activities, and achievement award medals.

Where to use: home, Christian schools, children’s small groups, or midweek Bible clubs
What: complete, easy-to-use 1-year mentoring guidebook that will help train kids to know, love, and serve God
For: parents, caregivers and teachers
Ages: Elementary all grades (ages 6-12)
Equips: 1 Adult and 1-3 children
Lessons: 48
Lesson Prep: none
Time commitment: 20-25 minutes per week
PLUS: onsite Bible Memory program, 100+ achievement award projects, free parenting resources, and practical parenting articles.

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